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    Default Soapware Patient Portal

    My access to the Soapware Patient Portal was just activated today. I created a fake patient with my email address. I logged into the portal with no problems and was able to view a CCR record. This really works very nicely.

    First a small point. I was asked to agree to the "Terms and conditions". When I clicked on this link this is what was displayed as terms and conditions: "This is an end user license agreement for the SOAPware Patient Portal. Blah, blah, blah, blah". Might want to consider changing this text.

    I also have a question. When I sign off on a Soapnote there is a check box that is checked by default to upload a CCR to the patient's portal. For me this is a great work flow and time saver. My question is: if I transmitt the CCR to the patient portal when signing off the Soapnote does it count in the MU statistics as a Patient Summary?

    Also it would be great if we could also upload handouts to the patient portal.

    Thank you for creating the patient portal!!!!
    Tom Miller MD
    Solo FP
    Arlington, TX

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    We will get that text updated ASAP Dr. Miller. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Currently, the upload to patient portal only fulfills the Timely Record Access measure and not others. There definitely is overlap on certain measures that could possibly be fulfilled by one function and it's certainly possible the calculations in SOAPware begin to pick up other possible functions to meet different measures. The patient portal is and will be an evolving feature set and has many possibilities. We too are excited about the portal and what it could lead to, but that is still being defined. The feedback is greatly appreciated and we'll take it all into consideration!

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    Does anyone have a patient instruction/explanation sheet to handout to patients when we tell them about the Patient Portal?
    B. Brooks Lawrence, M.D.
    Conway, Arkansas

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    I really like the patient portal, especially if we can customize what we put there (like handouts to save paper and improve workflow). I've tested it and have few observations:

    1. The entire vaccine grid is printed whether the vaccine was given or not. It can't seem to distinguish from a "performed" vaccine and one that is not performed. Patients will be very confused by this, especially if there are a lot of blanks in their HCM module.
    2. No dates are associated with medications or diagnoses. Maybe it needs to be within the ST field, but I've not been doing this.
    3. Social history doesn't include noncoded info, which is how I've been doing all social history. Tobacco and alcohol will take coded and uncoded info. Will say marital status is unknown if you don't use social Hx ST regardless of demographics info.

    If one can get 50% or more of patients to sign up for it, this should count for medical summary MU requirement. Is there a way to track which patients are signed up to PP within SW or do I need to document elsewhere? Could the medical summary link to upload to patient portal rather than the printer? Or alternatively, could "credit" be given for a successful update to the PP? Would this still be credited if the patient doesn't respond to the email from Soapware?

    I would like to give patients info on the portal in a handout as well as a consent form. It seems like one should get consent before posting this information on the internet.

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    Default Patient Portal

    Rather than taking giant steps backwards and filling our offices with printed Patient Handouts and Medical Summaries CMS and SOAP should have us using the Patient Portal to fulfill all of these MU requirements....... digitally !!!!!

    Can't happen too soon.

    Since when was a step "forward" for EHR to reach goals by printing tons of papers in all medical offices across the country day after day ?
    M. Barry Ellis MD
    Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
    Wilkesboro, NC

    SOAP since 1998



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