My private GI practice has been using SOAPware since 2002, then in 2009 only SOAPware EMR and the PM as well. As a GI practice it is imperative that my office state be able to input colonoscopy and upper endoscopy recall dates into the system. My office manager tells me that since 2009 this has been somewhat problematic for her. Presently she enters the recall date in the Health Maintenance tab using the rules set up by our office to complete the “next due date” by months or years. In theory it seems she should be able to generate a Health Maintenance report that would print out recall letters and automatically document in the chart a letter was sent. The problem seems to be that the report only allows a “due on or before” date.

Without a “from date to due on or before date” the monthly report generates all patients from 2009 on. We are presently up to 25 full pages of listed patient names. Each month my office manager has to manually compare the last set of pages to the new set of pages for additional names new on the current recall list. She then has to go into each newly listed patient’s chart, document in the assessment that she is generating a recall letter, and then go into our “created document design” recall letter and print. As you can imagine, month after month, year after year since 2009 this is a tedious task that takes up hours of time.

I know my office has been in touch with SOAPware since 2009 asking if it is possible for the Health Maintenance report to insert a “from-to” date capability…5/1/17-5/31-17 which would allow her to create the report with only the month to month names. This would also allow her to utilize the auto generate and documentation of the letter. She has been told this is not a feature that is or will soon be introduced.

As an alternative she says she could enter the recall information in the appointment scheduler out 3-5-10 years on an off office day. This is how she recorded recalls while using tour previous PM system. For instance a May 2017 three year recall could be entered the first Sat of May 2020. Every patient requiring a recall for May 2020 would be added to this day’s schedule. Month to month she would print out the first Sat of the month schedule for the list of patients needing a recall letter. She would then have to as she is doing now go into each patient chart to generate and document a recall letter. Unfortunately this alternative will not work in SOAPware as the scheduler allows movement ahead only by days, weeks and months, not years and not to a specific date. My manager has asked if a movement ahead in years or to a specific date scheduler feature could be added that would allow one to directly go to for example a 5/2020 calendar. She has been told this is not a considered feature at this time either. Requesting that we financially support such features has been denied as well.

Support has been understanding to our issue but has no solution other that the tedious one presently being used. I find it difficult to believe that my practice is the sole practice using SOAPware that requires tracking recalls. We have not been able to gain any knowledge of how others manipulate the program to easily create the necessary recall list.

I would appreciate if any SOAPware users also have this serious dilemma with this program deficiency and advise my office on how to easily input a recall date, print out only a month to month recall list and document in the chart that such a necessary letter was generated.

Thank you.