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    Default Online dependency!

    We experienced an internet outage that occurred nationally yesterday afternoon.
    When it occurred, Soapware had so many pop up error messages, basic chart access and function severely slowed.
    Each time I opened a patient chart, I had no less than 10 pop up error messages which had to be closed in order to access the chart!
    See screen shot attached.
    I contacted support and received a disappointing response, I quote:

    "Unfortunately, SOAPware requires a constant internet connection to function properly. There are various functions in SOAPware that require checks via internet services. Checks such as validity of medications, licensing, cloud library, and MHW status.

    As these checks are not able to complete, these errors will persist until an internet connection is regained. If you have any other questions, reach out to us at 1-800-455-7627 Option 2 or support@soapware.com."

    Can this really be true? Is this the official Soapware position?
    I find it disappointing that I cannot effectively chart if internet is down which includes during emergencies such as power outages when we would be running off our generator. We have a HIPPA required emergency plan, but Soapware tethering makes implementation very difficult.
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    I share your concerns about the eventuality of a lack of internet access. If this were to occur on my end due to a power outage with our cable being out, then my emergency backup plan is to tether to my iPhone for internet service.

    However, what about if there is a disruption on SOAPWare's side of the equation? I assume that they have redundant systems in various localities, so that if Fayetteville flooded and the server there went down, then a redundant server in Denver or some other state would kick in immediately.

    Can somebody from SW verify the redundancy of your servers and multiple server sites located in different states to minimize the potential for complete lack of access?

    Finally, I agree that there are too many services which constantly seem to need to make contact with the internet servers, and that this often has led to SW temporarily freezing or slowing down. Two of the biggest offenders are MHW and SMARTFlows. It is my understanding that SW has identified some issues which have been slowing things down, and that fixes for these will be in upcoming releases.
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